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One of the main reasons why players are increasingly turning to online casinos is the possibility of earning extra money with as little betting as possible, thus earning extra income while making use of their leisure time. However, in order to win at online casinos, it is essential to follow certain tips and rules, otherwise, your presence at online casinos can become disadvantageous and often disastrous for your monthly budget.

Choosing the best casino

First of all, probably the most important tip, it is necessary to choose the online casino where you are going to place your bets.

If on the one hand, the kind of prizes and popularity that online casinos have is important, on the other hand, the feedback from other players is mandatory, as well as the security in their gambling system, as well as the statistics and the kind of games available. Thus, before registering in any register, it is mandatory that you do online research to know the testimonials of other players regarding the best casinos operating in the current market.

Choosing the best game

On the other hand, the right choice of your game of choice is equally important, because if in games of luck the knowledge is dispensable, in other types of games the technique and skill are essential to ensure success.

So, before moving on to real money betting in any game, it is necessary to know the rules of each game, know exactly what your knowledge is regarding how to play the game, and also decide if you have what it takes to ensure success in the game.


Having self-control over your bets is essential to achieving success in an online casino. It’s very natural that during your path you’ll lose money, it’s not always easy to always win, however, it’s the player’s responsibility to manage his expenses, never running after the loss and avoiding as much as possible to bet money that would be used for other purposes, thus hampering his monthly budget.

Taking advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

One of the main advantages of online casinos over land-based casinos is the bonuses and promotions they offer to their players, captivating a large number of players to sign up and take advantage of these extra prizes.

The players themselves should also make the most of these bonuses and promotions, as in most of them it is possible to get an excellent prize, without the need of initial investment and is only required to be present at the casino and place regular bets. Some of these bonuses and promotions are announced by e-mail to the players, others are placed on the website and some of them are surprises, so it is necessary that the player is constantly looking for this information.

Avoid betting mistakes

One of the serious problems of players today, causing much money to be lost daily, are the bets wrongly made.

Some players bet by impulse and do so without confirming the bet, thus leading that values are introduced incorrectly and often allowing much money to be lost. Therefore, before placing your bets, always confirm the betting value and place the bet only after confirming more than once.

How to start playing for real money? offers reviews about various live casinos in Ireland. By means of the information provided, it is possible to analyse which casino best meets one’s expectations.

To become a player, you just have to choose the casino of your choice and register on the chosen site. In most online casinos, registration is quick and the only information required is email and password.

With the registration done, the player needs to make a deposit, select the game of his choice and then he will start winning real money with online casinos!

A large part of online casino games are available in both desktop and mobile versions. This way, players can start betting from anywhere without having to give up their comfort.

Games to win real money at online casinos

Players can access a wide list of real money casinos at and select the games of their choice. Among the top games are:


This famous casino game that has several versions, is among the favorites of the Irish people. Several online casinos even offer the advantage of live dealers for this game.

By following the basic Blackjack strategies, it is possible to make money from the very first games!


It is impossible to think of a casino and not think of slot machines, and online casinos are no different.

Being a relatively simple game, it is a great option for beginners to earn money at online casinos.


There are many variations of roulette games among casinos, and some versions also feature live dealers, making the player experience even more exciting.

Gamblers often place large amounts of money through roulette games at online casinos.


Poker games are not only based on luck. They turn out to be the choice of Irish who are strategists and know the moves of the game.

Just like in live casinos, it is possible to win big money with poker if the player chooses the right strategies for his bets.

Some tips for playing in casinos:

1. Let the clock be your guide and ally

From the moment you start in a virtual casino room, you will notice that there is no sense of time in the game room. Casinos are interested in players losing track of time in order to play as much as possible. Therefore, a good strategy is to wait to profit some money, check how much time has passed, and leave the game.

2. Be smart when playing roulette

Always bet outside the “red/black”, “odd/even”, “high/low” odds, columns or tens. Winnings are minimal, but at least you’re squeezing out money. In addition, the house always keeps 5% of the roulette winnings. That said, you have a chance to win at the casino in the short term, but if you want to play roulette forever, the house will keep all your chips. In that sense, if you are winning, we advise you to stop.

3. Fix all your attention on the winnings

It is very important that you pay attention to the card game and the prize you want to win, avoiding all kinds of distractions during the game. No matter how small, the truth is that you can lose everything by slipping up.

Is it safe to gamble at online casinos to win money?

Online casinos registered with the SRIJ are trustworthy. Therefore, it is totally safe to gamble at casinos duly registered with the Irish authorities.

Casino Real offers information on a range of reliable and accredited real money casinos so that players can place their bets safely. In addition, this site also offers reviews about the most secure software providers used by casinos in Ireland.

Gamble for Real Money with Responsibility

Although betting on online casino games is allowed by Ireland law, casino managers and players must follow strict rules to ensure that this practice falls within the country’s regulations.

Players should inform themselves about Responsible Gambling before they start winning money with their bets.

Tips needed for table games

One of the first things you should remember when playing casino games is that you will inevitably lose some games. No matter how much experience you have, you should take the odds in the house’s favor.

That is why the best and main advice before you start playing is to decide how much money you are willing to spend. From there go betting, little by little, that initial fixed amount. This is the ultimate secret of gambling.

But there are many things that are important to know and not to forget, like reading about strategies that will allow you to define how to play in the casino, improve your game, your gains, and your experience.

Playing is a job

Finally, never forget that casino games are considered games of chance since the results are determined by random events. These events can be a face-up card, the spinning of the roulette wheel, or the throwing of dice. These are things over which you have no control, so, very briefly, you don’t know whether you will win or lose. This can influence your chances of winning certain games, but the results remain unpredictable.

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